Octa Band Antenna

Elegant and domestic made design are the distinguishing features of FARAVID's antenna portfolio. FARAVID antennas are based on fully fledged engineering knowledge as well as decades of practical experience. The cellular antenna is designed to operate over two frequency bands namely 690-960MHz and 1690-2700MHz. Electrical Down tilts are customized and controlled by remote electrical tilt system (easy-RET). Fiberglass Random covers the internal antenna components to assure optimum performance concering stability, stiffness, UV resistance and weather resistance. The antenna is equipped with two fixing points and stainless steel brackets.

Octa Band Antenna Octa Band Antenna Specifications
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Penta Band Antenna

Penta Band Antenna Penta Band Antenna Specifications
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TD-LTE 8T8R BF Antenna

BF-4WL18 is a dual-polarized beamforming BTS antenna covering the 3.8-3.2 GHz WiMAX/LTE Band.


  • A multi-beam antenna with increased directivity
  • Excellent for TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA applications
  • Dual-polarized operation suitable for polarization diversity
  • Electrically adjustable down-tilt angle up to 12o in elevation
  • Wideband operation
  • Easy RET Technology (Replaceable RET)
  • High quality fiberglass radome and standard mounting kit
  • TD-LTE 8T8R BF Antenna
  • TD-LTE 8T8R BF Antenna
  • TD-LTE 8T8R BF Antenna
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4T4R MIMO Antenna

The proposed antenna is a 4T4R MIMO antenna, consisting 24 wide-band, wide-beamwidth dual-polarized dipole antenna elements, all contained within a single radome providing MIMO capability for high speed wireless access services including TD-LTE and FD-LTE.

The proposed antenna enables MIMO communication using an optimized structure with four coaxial output ports. Excellent isolation and low correlation between different streams of data, guaranteed by proper spacing of the columns (0.65λ), ensures optimum MIMO performance.

4T4R MIMO Antenna 4T4R MIMO Antenna Specifications
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